Shape a Many Petalled Shibori Celandine Flower in Stitched Shibori.

A photo of a celandine flower with the shibori pattern

Create this shibori celandine flower, a simple pattern for you to make. I will show you step by step how to make this many petalled flower. You will need dextrous fingers, but I have used very simple stitching to create the pattern.

 Start with a piece of fabric 25cm or 10” square.  Use my design to trace over and create your pattern template. This shibori celandine flower is 17cm or 7” across. It is important to make the 8 divisions equal to make a successful pattern.

A line drawing of the shibori celandine pattern
Pattern Template for Making a Shibori Celandine Flower

Please look at my blog and video to give you tips and insight in to how to create with shibori.

Sewing Your Shibori Celandine Flower

1. Draw the pattern of this eight petalled shibori flower onto your fabric using a washable fabric marker.

2. Firstly, attach a small bead, 4mm or 3/16th inch, with a couple of stitches to the underside of the fabric.

a bead sewn to the fabric

3. Next, sew a short line of stitching through one layer of fabric. Start at the centre of the flower design and stitch away from the centre. Use a double thread with a cotton tag in the end. Repeat this, 7 more times.

4. In contrast, for the next step you will stitching through folded fabric. Fold the fabric along the dotted lines to create each petal. First stitch the outline of the whole petal with simple running stitches through two layers of fabric. As before, start at the centre of the flower. Using a small cotton tag tied in the end of thread to stop the thread pulling through when you come to pull the stitching up.

5. Additionally, sew a line of stitching just below the fold, stitching 3mm or 1/8th inch away. Stitch through two layers of fabric. Ensure you start at the centre of the flower and stitch away from the centre. Consequently, it makes it so much easier when you gather it up.

6. In the same way, repeat these 2 steps, seven more times, for each petal.

Gathering and Finishing Your Celandine.

1. Gather the fabric around the centre bead and bind around with 3 ply or fingering weight thread. Bind it around 3 times.

completed stitched design for a shibori celandine
Completed Stitching and Binding of Bead.
All ready to be gathered and then dyed.

2. Then gather up each row of stitching. Start with the central short rows of stitching then gather each petal. Ensure you pull it very tightly and evenly and tie another tag in the end of each row of your stitching to secure it.  Do this methodically. Now it is ready for dyeing.

3. Dyeing. If using natural dyes or fibre reactive dyes always weigh the dry fabric. Then soak in water before dyeing. Here I have used a Procion mix to create the soft gold.

golden yellow dyed final shibori celandine design
The Completed and Dyed Shibori Celandine

I do hope you enjoy making this flower and it inspires you to play with the pattern and make other flower shapes and designs. Happy sewing!

Some other suggestions of flower to make here in my blog, a wild rose and some simple shibori flowers. You could also join my online course which teaches how to create a lovely collection of flowers, for cushions, clothing and household textiles.

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