4 designs to discover and learn in guntai stitched shibori

Guntai stitched shibori is a wonderful shibori technique to explore. In this blog I want to introduce you to guntai shibori, and in this way to encourage you to try different ways to put this stitch together. Therefore, I will show you some varied examples and the effect achieved.

I am going to share some simple experiments that I have done in guntai shibori. Moreover, each pattern builds on the previous one. Each of the 4 designs builds on the one before adding another element.

Guntai stitched shibori works best for small motifs and those are the kind of designs I have tried out here. All the pieces I have worked are on a square of fabric 20 x 17cm/ 8 x 6 ½” which gives you a sense of scale.

In every case the pattern needs to be drawn on the fabric with a soluble marker to give a good clear line to stitch along. Guntai shibori is stitched binding, the thread rolls around the fabric and distorts it as it is pulled up. You pull up the thread as one goes along making the fabric go into folds and pleats.

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Four Guntai Stitched Shibori Designs to Explore

1.  Two Simple Guntai Leaves

Let’s start with two simple leaf shapes. The pattern you can clearly see drawn on to the fabric. Each shape is sewn separately and tightened off at the end.

2. Stitching Two Guntai Lines Close Together

Next, this design uses two guntai shibori shapes very close together so when dyed and unpicked they become one.

3. Add a Bead to the Guntai Stitched Shibori Shapes

In contrast, here we have added a simple bead (ne-maki) to the reverse of the fabric and bound around it alongside the guntai shapes.

4. Add a Row of Ori Nui Stitch to the Guntai Shapes

Here I have used a combination of guntai shibori and ori nui, simple running stitch through the fold of fabric for a stem. I think guntai shibori is brilliant at creating these organic plant-inspired shapes.

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Perhaps you will try this technique. It would be lovely to see what you get up to and manage to achieve. Furthermore, here is another blog about guntai shibori you may like to explore.

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