Annabel Wilson


This is what someone wrote about one of my lamps,

“The lamp lifts the heart this grey and sullen weather!  A beautiful thing sitting quietly in the corner suddenly lighting up the gloom.”

About 10 years ago, taking a break from my painting, I started playing with cottons and yarns and just making things which I have done since my earliest days. I explored and experimented, a local weaver and dyer introduced me to natural dyes and indigo. At the same time I came across a book about the art of Japanese shibori. It was an “ah ha” moment, it just called to me. I started to play with dyeing and stitch resist (shibori).

The shibori technique is often used to create abstract designs and patterns. What really fascinates me is creating pictures, drawing with the stitches to create images of plants, trees and landscapes on the fabrics.

Annabel Wilson
Annabel Wilson

I work from a studio space within my home in Sherborne, Dorset but often I commandeer more of the living space as needed. I see it as atelier living with studio combined.

Ecological concerns are important to me so I use organic and fair trade cotton fabrics for my designs. Though I do use procion reactive dyes I also love to use plant materials gathered in the countryside around or bought from other parts of the world to create subtle colours on my fabrics. I enjoy teaching about shibori and using natural dyes and run a few workshops each year to introduce individuals to this enjoyable process.

I create and sew all the designs into my fabrics and then dye them. Then they go to a specialist lampshade maker in Gillingham, Dorset to be made into the lamps with all the associated electrics.

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