Creating a Bespoke Tubelight Design

Creating a Bespoke Tubelight Design

Creating a bespoke lamp design to coordinate with an existing fabric

How I go about this in 6 easy steps.

  1. Here is the clients curtain fabric from which I need to select some design elements to use in the bespoke lamp design.
  2. I considered what shapes and patterns would translate into a successful shibori design. The lily flower image on the fabric struck a chord and seemed the perfect image to play with for a bespoke freestanding tube light. I had seen this Japanese fabric in indigo and gave me ideas how to create the lily shape.
  3. I chose the blue green shade colour in the curtain fabric to dye the lamp to match. The client also liked this colour very much. Here is the sketch I produced of my proposed design.
  4. The design is drawn to an accurate scale so it can be transferred to the fabric with measurements and I will get the design in the right place. The design is drawn on the fabric with taylors chalk in blue. Here is the fabric all stitched before being pulled up to resist the dye.
  5. Here is the completed fabric after dyeing and pressed and rolled and ready to go off to the specialist shade manufacturer.
  6. And here is the finished bespoke lamp illuminated in the client’s home. (top photo)

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