Creating a Custom Lamp Design from a Logo

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Creating a bespoke custom made lamp design from a logo design in shibori stitch resist.

I will outline how I go about this in 5 steps.

1. This was a really challenging project to take this Bob Dylan eye and crown logo and create a bespoke shibori design from it to make a custom made free standing lamp for a client.

This is the logo I was working from.

Dylan logo
2. First it needed to be made into a line drawing. I considered what shapes, patterns and different shibori stitch resist techniques would translate into a successful shibori design to realise the logo on fabric.

Custom Lamp Design from a Logo
3. I drew the design full size on paper so it can be transferred to the fabric by tracing and the design will be in the right place. The design is drawn on the fabric with tailors chalk in orange the same colour as the dye. When the sewing starts with a design like this it is very complicated and I have to be sure all the areas are stitched and then drawn up tightly to resist the dye. Here is the fabric with the sewing complete.

This one was really complex and quite a test of my shibori and sewing skills!

Here the shibori stitch resist design all pulled up ready for dyeing.

Custom Lamp Design from a Logoimage 4
4. This is the completed fabric pressed and rolled and ready to go off to the specialist shade manufacturer.

Custom Lamp Design from a Logo

5. And here is the finished bespoke lamp before I sent it off to the client.

Custom Lamp Design from a Logo

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