How to make simple maki-age shibori flower petal shapes

Maki age flower design

I am going to show you how to create this simple flower shape in stitch resist shibori.

In 7 easy steps.


Firstly draw the design onto the fabric using invisible marker or tailors chalk. Print and trace around my flower above. Each individual petal shape needs to be stitched around with a double length of polyester thread, leaving the ends free at the point where they meet. Outline stitching


Each “petal” that has been stitched needs to be gathered up at the base using the two ends of the thread.¬†Then pulled up tightly using both hands and the two ends of the thread tied together. Pulling up stitching


Select a thick strong thread for binding. Cut a good length 35cm / 14.5 inches long. Start by making a simple knot loop in your thread. Slip over the gathered “petal” shape and pull tightly around the base and tie ends together. Tying thick thread to base


Wrap your thread backwards and forwards around the gathered fabric, crossing the threads and pulling tightly. This shows it at about halfway. Wrapping the thread halfway mark


Continue until you have wrapped the fabric and arrived at the top of the shape. Wrapping thread to the top


To finish off you need to secure both ends of the thread by tying a knot in the end. Make sure it is tight. Note this photo shows a completed bound “petal” shape next to the one I am working on here.Tying a knot at the top


Here I show you the completed wrapping of the fabric “petal”. The areas of fabric that can be seen will pick up the dye creating an interesting pattern.Completed wrapped fabric petal

To Finish

You then need to continue to gather up each petal shape until all of them are bound and gathered. Soak and dye the fabric and finally unpick all your sewing! And you have a pretty flower shape as shown at the top. I love doing all this fiddly binding, I hope you enjoy it too!

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