Hints on How to Sew Variations in Shibori Circles and Diamonds

Nothing quite as enjoyable and satisfying as creating shibori circles and diamonds. Just with small variations such lovely designs can be created. I am going to look at some brilliant pieces made on some of my indigo and shibori workshops. They will show you how a simple variation in spacing can create interest and pattern.

shibori circles

This first image is a hanging I made a while ago now, simply drawing around a large plate (approx. 30cm/12” diameter), folding the fabric in half and sewing through both layers of fabric. Each concentric row of stitching placed regularly 1cm/3/8” apart. Groupings of three together are always effective. Let’s go on to look at how to create your own circle and diamond designs.

General Notes

  • Always draw the circle or diamond on the fabric flat and then fold the fabric in half.
  • Draw the design on your fabric with removable fabric marker.
  • The fabric piece needs to be at least 45 x 45cms /26” x 26”.
  • The circle is approx. 30cm/12” diameter.
  • The diamond is 20cms/8” long each side.
  • All stitching is through two layers of fabric, called miru shibori.

For general instructions about sewing please look at “7 Helpful Hints for shibori sewing” to see the general tips about equipment needed.

4 Different Shibori Circle and Diamond Designs to Explore

1. Gaby’s diamond

A solid diamond shape with regularly spaced rows of stitching all around, carefully measured and marked on the fabric about 1cm/3/8” apart.

Starting with two needles to create two shibori lines from the point of the diamond. This helps to ensure the design can be pulled up tightly. Both needles are threaded with double thread and just one tag is inserted into the end of the 4 threads.

The stitches in each row are irregular in length, short and long to create the random pattern.

2. Varied Diamond Design.

Here you can see the stitching has a varying distance between the rows and the effect this has on the pattern. This could be made even more varied as in the circle I show you next.

3. Irregular Circle Pattern 1

This circle has 3 distinct areas of stitching. The centre is stitched with regularly spaced rows and stitches are in line with each other. The outer 2 blocks are stitched with irregular spaced stitches to make that lovely random design. Here is the design dyed and stitches unpicked.

shibori circle varied spacing

4. Irregular Circle Pattern 2

And just a slight variation on this where two blocks of solid stitching are separated by a single row of stitching.

Another shibori circle pattern

To Finish Up

Stitching is pulled up before dyeing taking care to gather the fabric tightly to the very ends of the rows.

What ideas and variations on shibori circles and diamonds can you come up with?

And here is another blog about creating circle patterns to have a look at.

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