Easy Designs for You to Create in Shibori with the Awase Ori-Nui Stitch.

awase and ori nui flower detail

Let’s explore this simple awase ori-nui stitch and how it can be made to create some beautiful patterns and designs reflecting the natural world.

One of the basic building blocks of shibori design is the stitch ori-nui. The stitch we are looking at today, awase ori-nui shibori, is a slight variation on the ori-nui stitch. Instead of stitching through two layers of fabric on the fold we are going to create a pleat and stitch through four layers of fabric.

This simple variation if stitched with a tapered end can be used to create and express the plant world. A flower and some seaweed are two patterns I am showing you here. The awase ori-nui stitch has been combined with a single fold ori-nui stitch in both these designs.

awase ori nui designs

Remember to read my general notes on starting sewing with shibori and take a look at my video, it shows a different pattern but will introduce you to the basic idea!

How to Create the Stitch

These photos show the stitching.

1. Take a piece of fabric and draw a long, tapered shape on it with a water soluble marker.

drawing for awase ori nui pleat

2. Pinching the pleat between the fingers starting at one end and gradually deepening the pleat as you progress. This requires a little dexterity especially if you have drawn a slightly twisting and curving shape. You can use fine pins to hold the fabric as you go.

beginning the pleat for awase ori nui

3. Start stitching at the tapered end and work along the pleat and again tapering off at the other end. You have created the awase ori-nui stitch.

commencing sewing for awase ori nui pleat

4. Pull up your stitches tightly and dye.

5. The completed line of stitching dyed and unpicked. Here dyed with natural indigo.

finished awase ori nui pleat

What’s next?

This is a simple fold with so many possible uses in making patterns in shibori. There are many more combinations that you can discover and experiment with. Here is another idea on how to use this stitch. Hope you have fun exploring the possibilities.

flower design in awase ori nui
A simple daisy flower from awase ori-nui and miru shibori combined

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