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indigo dyed fabrics with shibori and embroidery patterns

I am finding a lot of joy in exploring shibori and embroidery. Stitching into my shibori fabrics and seeing what happens. I thought I would share with you these two small pieces of indigo with embroidery.

Firstly there is this circular pan protector. I bought a fabulous new non stick frying pan and wanted to ensure it stayed unscratched when stored away. As a result I made this padded piece to protect the surface. I thought it might as well be something beautiful as I looked at it each day!

And the second piece I want to share is a small decorative hanging. I spent a day with Anne Brooke creating a small hanging and learning how she went about it.

See her YouTube Channel here.

In both the pieces I have used shades of blue and cream embroidery threads. I used lighter colours against the dark indigo where I wanted stitches to show strongly.

A Shibori Pan Protector with Embroidery

Circular shibori padded fabric with embroidery

I used a shibori piece cut from an unsuccessful larger hanging. I then backed it with a cream fabric and used wadding to provide the padding. My all time favourite stitch is a simple running stitch, I used it here to follow the moon motif around. Plus another favourite of mine is feather stitch. And finishing it all off with blanket stitch around the edge.

A Small Indigo Hanging with Embroidery

Early stages of creating a small shibori hanging

To give you a sense of the scale it is 30cms / 12″ tall and 15cms / 6″ wide. This piece evolved slowly. Here I share an image of an early stage. It got quite busy with many extra pieces.  Then I realised I had to pare it back and simplify the elements. There was too much going on in the lower half of the piece.

Finally the whole piece is backed onto an old piece of blanket to create some padding before commencing the stitching.

The central shibori element is a miru shibori piece. Have a look at this previous blog about creating miru shibori shapes. Here I enhanced it with feather stitch.

Guntai shibori shapes are placed top and bottom. Guntai shibori is such a versatile stitch to use and works best when dyed with indigo. You may want to look at this blog to get further ideas on how to use this pattern. Here I decorated with simple running stitch. I find so much pleasure in that stitch. I love allowing it to wander about the fabric.

Complete indigo shibori hanging

Then the whole piece was suspended from a dowel which I had bound with yarn with small pieces of indigo fabric glued to the ends.

I hope these small pieces I have made inspire you to explore working some embroidery into your shibori patterns and designs. As I continue to explore more and work on some plans for larger pieces, I will share them with you.

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