Inspirational Ideas for Successful Shibori Clothing Designs

Shows two ladies tops with shibori decoration on

I love decorating clothing with stitched shibori. I am going to share some ideas for successful shibori clothing designs.

For me keeping the designs simple is key. An uncluttered and straightforward pattern is always pleasing. What works well is one strong central image or a frieze of small design elements. I am going to show you examples of both. The two shibori clothing designs use quite simple stitching which is an added bonus!

1. Shibori Patterned Linen Top

First let’s look at this madder dyed linen top. I bought this top from a second hand shop in a natural linen and applied a hogweed design to the front. It is dyed with madder root dye, such a beautiful colour. This hogweed pattern can be found in my collection of downloadable shibori patterns in my shop.

madder dyed linen top with shibori pattern

In addition I also stitched a decorative edging to the sleeve. The decorative edging is made by gathering and binding the end of the sleeve around a “core”. A core is made from a piece of dowel or make your own by rolling a small piece of fabric very tightly and stitching the ends to secure the fabric.

2. Shibori Design for Wiksten Shift Top

Love this brick red Shift Top pattern by Wiksten. The design lends itself to be decorated with stitched shibori. I applied a frieze all the way around the lower edge of the top. The pattern uses various permutations of ori nui shibori.

red dyed shift top

I made this top as an example how to use the stitching learnt on my online course “Create a Collection of Flowers in Shibori Stitch Resist”

After following this online course you will be able to make captivating patterns inspired by the natural world. They can be used to decorate clothing or items for the home. And all suitable for beginners to stitched shibori. Moreover you can download lovely pattern templates for you to create some amazing textiles. I show a small sample of one of the pattern templates.

shibori stitching for making the top's edge design
shibori stitching to create shibori clothing designs

In conclusion I do hope that these two tops inspire you to decorate clothing, either by making a new top or upcycling something you find or already have.

“Just wanted to thank you, Annabel, for your generous posts and blogs.  I am new to Shibori, and your guidance has been so incredibly helpful.  I also bought one of your patterns, stitched it all up, and am looking forward to dying it. “

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