5 brilliant & beautiful pendant lights for the home and office

Vertigo baby 01
Vertigo by Constance Guisset Studio

Designing and making lamps and lampshades myself I am always so excited when I see original and inspiring designs by other designers. Here I share 5 stunning designs for pendant lampshades.

Three of these are delicate and light and respond to air movements. Two are quite opposite to that being solid and very colourful but of a different scale.

1. Tempo Vivace

I am a little slow obviously because Arturo Alvarez has been designing beautiful lamps and fittings for quite a while. His Tempo Vivace pendant is sophisticated and delicate at the same time, formed from painted stainless steel mesh crafted in fine pleats form two overlapped layers.

2. Plex pendant

Exclusive to The Conran Shop, this glistening Plex pendant light is exquisitely handcrafted in England using British materials. It is decorated with a true reduction-fired lustre finish a specialist technique which produces a shimmering iridescent glaze that changes colour depending on the light in the room. Metallic elements such as silver and copper are added to the firing process to give the pendant light its individual charm. No two pieces are exactly the same which adds to the designs unique beauty and universal appeal.

3. Wastberg W151

Claesson Koivisto Rune pendants

These over sized pendants by Claesson Koivisto Rune are in contrast to the trend for minimalist light fixtures because the use of small LED light sources. Their size has an additional purpose of defining a space within a space. The three pendants are variations of the same cone shape and when hung together have almost a dream like quality. Finished in a paper like matt finish

4. Vertigo

Vertigo pendant light Constance Guisset

Designed by the Constance Guisset Studio, this is an enveloping lamp that creates a space of intimacy. Being extremely light, this lamp responds to the slightest draught. When lit, it turns softly, projecting a graphic shadow pattern on the surrounding walls. The central cage can be different colours to suit mood or interior.


5. The Cocoon

Cocoon Pendant light by Mc Master Design

The Cocoon is an open structure pendant consisting of eight beautifully laminated timber leaves.The expressive form gives view to a warm globe that graduates ambient light onto the inner veneers of the structure revealing a magnificent contrast between the inner and outer surfaces. They are manufactured from thin, durable timber laminations which minimises the ecological footprint whilst creating an uncompromising elegance. Designed by Limahl Asmall.

I hope this selection of pendant lamps inspires you in your design work.

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