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Kingcombe Centre Indigo workshop 2

August seems a long time ago but I realised I hadn’t shared the lovely work done on my weekend workshop at the Kingcombe Centre, Lower Kingcombe, Dorset.

Five wonderfully creative, imaginative and keen individuals took part. I introduced everyone to the main techniques of Shibori: ori-nui, karamatsu, maki-age and mokume. And also helped them to understand the best ways to work and achieve these patterns. And was on hand to guide and assist in all their ideas and projects.

I think the courses I run at Kingcombe are inspired by the glorious setting of the Centre. The overall theme of the work made was reflecting the natural world around us; flowers, landscape, moon, sea urchin and seed heads.

I am going to share some of the beautiful work made to give a taste of the weekend and to be an inspiration for your creative projects in Shibori.

Introducing 4 varied design subjects

Sea Urchin

This is a one off original design by Annette something I have never tried and I think most successful. This amazing sea urchin design was created from many ori nui rows of stitching, both single and double folding of the fabric, some single lines of stitching through one layer of fabric and a simple oversew stitch. The design was outlined with a running stitch through one layer of the fabric but only partly pulled up to ensure the indigo penetrated all of the design.


This landscape is made using mainly ori-nui stitching but running in different directions and relationships to each other. This most simple of stitches really does produce brilliant effects.

Shibori landscape hanging at Kingcombe


This design was inspired by the piece in Jane Callender’s latest book “Stitched Shibori” a must have for any shibori enthusiast. It is created using mokume stitching, that is lots of close together rows of stitching through one layer of fabric. Very labour intensive but I am sure Caroline was very pleased with the effect.

Daisy flower

Jo who made these has been on a number of shibori workshops and is getting pretty skilled at shibori. Some of the work she made was sewn before the weekend which enabled her to dye many pieces. This daisy design is based on my original design which you can find on the blog. The two panels plus some lovely textured stripes will be made into a bag.

I felt a great deal of satisfaction at the end of this workshop, such original and beautifully made work had resulted from it.

This round up shows you how many different ideas and images can be created in sophisticated tie dye. Follow my blog or sign up to my newsletter to be updated on new designs and how to create them. Or join a local indigo workshop or come along to one of mine. I am running another weekend workshop in August 2018 at Kingcombe, Dorset, UK.

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