Simple and Straightforward Ori-Nui Patterns for You to Make

3 shibori ori nui patterns

Hi as autumn truly sets in here let’s look at some simple ori-nui patterns for you to make. I just love the simplest of shibori stitches and what can be achieved. Here I am going to show you 3 ori nui patterns. I will show how this simplest of shibori stitches can give stunning results.

Ori nui is a very easy stitch, you just fold the fabric along the line you have drawn and stitch a small running stitch 3mm or 1/8th inch away from the fold. Easy peasy.

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Let me show you the 3 patterns that you can create.

3 Ori-Nui Patterns

1. A Pattern of Lines

With your fabric marker and a ruler draw a number of lines 2cm / ¾” apart. I have used a piece of fabric 25cm/ 9 ½” square. I managed to get 11 lines in. Each row to be folded along the marker line and stitched.

drawing of ori nui lines on fabric

Remember to use the little tag tied in the cotton at the beginning of each of your rows. Below is an image of the finished stitching.

stitched ori nui lines

This is the lovely ori-nui pattern you can achieve.

shibori patterned fabric with ori nui lines

2. Some Wavy Lines

A variation on the previous pattern. Best to draw this out on a piece of paper and trace it once you have got the design right. It is again based on a grid of lines 2cm / ¾” apart.  Then letting the line flow between two of the rows of the grid! Not sure that is clear but have a go. Fold each row along the line of the marker. For curved lines like this, shape and press with the fingers along the fold before sewing.

drawing of ori nui wavy lines

Here is an image of the stitching all done.

ori nui stitching for wavy lines

This is the wavy pattern you can make.

wavy line ori nui fabric

3. Adding Circles to Ori-Nui Patterns

Just a small variation and you can achieve this pattern. Lines are drawn 5cm/ 2” apart. Use something like the end of a cotton reel 3cm/ 1 ¼” diameter and draw random circles along the lines.

As you stitch this design along the fold when you come to the circle take the stitching around the line of the circle and return back to the line. Simple!

Drawing of ori nui lines with circles

This is the completed stitching.

stitched fabric ori nui with circles

Here is the circle pattern finished.

Dyed fabric ori nui plus circles


Remember, all stitching needs to be gathered up before you dye it. Soak the fabric in water for a few hours before doing the dyeing. These pieces I dyed with Rit dyes, a very easy dye to use.

Have fun !

“I wanted to say, “Thank you” for your amazing website and your tutorials.”

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a madder dyed ori nui patterned cushion

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