The Secret of Creating Blue on White Shibori Circles

shibori circles blue on white 1
Discover how to create these 4 different shibori circles

About a year ago I wrote a blog about creating different pattern shibori circles but white against blue. I wanted to explore the same idea using a pipette thereby creating a pattern of blue designs on a white background.

shibori circles white on blue
White on blue shibori circles

By using a pipette the indigo can be collected and transferred to the fabric without coming into contact with too much oxygen. Just the area of stitched design can be dyed leaving the shibori stitch resist design against a white background.

Let’s start

Choose a lovely soft cotton piece 32cm/12” square. Please look at my general blog “7 Helpful Hints for shibori sewing” about useful tips for shibori sewing before you get going. Find a mix of different size round objects to draw around for example a jar lid, cotton reel, and small box. Draw around with a water soluble fabric marker pen. Scatter circles in a pleasing array over your fabric.

How to create shibori circles step by step.

Each row and line of stitching is sewn in double thread and has a small tag inserted at the end to stop the thread pulling through. See my video for clarity on this.

I will go through how the circles are made one by one. The number key is shown on the photo at the top of the blog.

shibori circles stitching

Shibori circle 1.

Created by tying a bead into the centre on the underside of the fabric. Then pinching 2 layers of fabric together and sew a simple running stitch (ori nui) around the outside line of the circle through both layers of fabric.

Shibori Circle 2

2 circles created thus: Stitch a circle through one layer of fabric. Pull up the stitching and bind with a heavier weight thread. (Maki-age shibori).

Shibori Circle 3

Stitch a circle through one layer of fabric. Pull up the stitching around a piece of dowel or another small round object and tie tightly. Cut a circular piece of plastic, cover the circle and bind with a heavier weight thread. This completely excludes the dye.

Shibori Circle 4

This is made by folding the fabric in half and stitching two rows of stitching ½ cm/ ¼ “apart through both layers of fabric.

shibori circles stitching gathered up

Now the Dyeing

4 Steps to creating blue on white designs

shibori circles stitching colour dropped in with pipette

1. Make up an indigo stock and secondly make a small vat with some of the stock in an old measuring jug or similar is quite enough.

2.. Presoak the fabrics in water but let them drain or spin them, you don’t want them really wet.

3. Using a plastic pipette draw up some indigo from your jug and transfer it to the fabric, just to the stitched areas. Allow to air for 10 mins and then reapply some more until you get the colour you desire.

4. Unpick the stitching carefully to reveal your design.

I hope you enjoy playing with shibori circles. You can vary which size circle you stitch in what way to make a variation on the design.

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