Love Shibori: Sharing Some Friends Shibori Designs

Shibori cushions Patsy

I thought it would be special to share with you inspiring examples of work by close and far away friends who love shibori just like I do.

Some of the things I am going to show you have been inspired by my blog and guidance I have published and some by individuals who have come on my workshops and have got the shibori bug! They have continued to develop their skills and make their very own unique patterns and designs.

My shibori friends range from around the corner here in Dorset and as far away as Israel and India with France and Belgium in between.


My friend Patsy here in Dorset has enjoyed creating wondrous lampshades for friends and family. She used fibre reactive dyes and made some brilliant large drum shades. Here is one of them with details of the stitching and design. Miru shibori leaf shapes and ori nui stitched stems.

Flying Creatures and Other Things

A group of women over in France, Odile, Christiane and Catherine have been following my blogs and gather together every now and again, create an indigo vat and dye some amazing pieces.

shibori by Odile, Christiane and Catherine

Quilted Shibori Pieces

Most of these pieces I am going to show you now are made by individual participants at my workshops. These first two created by Charmaine and Pat who came along to my Proper Crafty workshop back in March. They love quilting so as soon as they returned home they put many of the stunning shibori pieces they made into a quilted hanging.

examples of shibori quilts

And the third piece on the right by Jan Moorhouse was emailed to me with a message saying “Inspired by your Newsletter and web tutorials I have had a first try at shibori. I’m very pleased with the results and thought you might like to see the picture attached. I’ve added machine, hand quilting and beads to complete the hangings.” Fabulous!

This piece was made by Hagar, inspired by eucalyptus leaves, after she had returned to Israel following the August workshop here.


A couple of flower shibori cushion designs. By Patsy and Hagar who both seemed inspired and can’t stop sewing!

Please do send me images of your shibori work to share with others on my blog. You can see how inspiring looking at others work can be.

I will do another blog soon and show you some more lovely work by others.

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