7 Straightforward How to Shibori Blogs for Beginners

Display of shibori fabrics

I thought I would introduce you to this great selection of individual blogs about designs dyed with indigo or blue. They are full of good ideas and lovely simple instructions to follow. A lot of my shibori designs are not really for absolute beginners. All these blogs are a great way to take the first steps to begin with shibori and get hooked!

1. In love with indigo

simple shibori blog 1

3 easy designs to make using fibre reactive dyes. A slight variation on how I work with fibre reactive dyes.

2. I tried it shibori dyeing

simple shibori blog 2

3 simple binding and folding techniques are shown on this blog another great starting point for shibori

3. Indigo shibori scarf tutorial

simple shibori blog 3

An interesting woman Renee Fly who loves itajime and here describes a simple check scarf pattern. She has an Etsy shop full of beautiful scarf designs.

4. Indigo dye series: shibori dish towels

simple shibori blog 4 and 5

Melissa Fenlon describes how to create 4 lovely dishcloth designs

5. DIY shibori indigo cloth napkins

Another post by Melissa, more lovely inspiring and simple ideas.

6. DIY shibori designs 4 ways

simple shibori blog 6

4 simple ways of creating straight forward shibori designs not anywhere as complicated as the stitch resist shibori that I do and so a great place to start.

7. DIY shibori

simple shibori blog 7

Lots of easy ideas for folding and tying quite simple designs and a straightforward indigo vat recipe.

I hope taking a look at these 7 well described blogs will let you see how easy it is to get going with shibori. Once you have stepped your toe in the water, if your anything like me, you won’t look back!

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