3 Fresh Indigo Blue and White Shibori Patterns Using a Pipette

3 shibori pipette designs

Today I am going to introduce you to applying indigo with a pipette which is another way of working with shibori. With this you can create some fresh-looking designs, blue against lots of white.

By using a pipette the indigo can be collected and transferred to the fabric without coming into contact with too much oxygen. Just the area of stitched design can be dyed leaving the shibori stitch resist design against a white background.

These are just some initial experiments I made and this year I hope to explore more designs and patterns using the pipette.

4 Steps to Creating Blue on White Designs

1. Make up an indigo stock . Then make a small vat with some of the stock in an old measuring jug or similar is quite enough.

working with a pipette on shibori (2)

2. Draw and sew some simple shibori designs. Miru shibori works best. For this the fabric is folded in half and running stitches are made through both layers of fabric. Here I have created 3 designs, a small leaf, a circle with a bead in the centre and another circle with the middle unstitched. Presoak the fabrics in water but let them drain, you don’t want them really wet.

3. Using a plastic pipette draw up some indigo and transfer it to the fabric, just to the stitched areas. Allow to air for 10 mins and then reapply some more until you get the colour you desire.

working with a pipette on shibori (3)

4. Rinse the fabric pieces well and then unpick the stitching carefully to reveal your design.

working with a pipette on shibori (1)

I used my small fabric pieces to create some pretty little lavender bags

I do hope this inspires you to have a go. It is a way of working with indigo that needs little space so a good activity for the winter months here in the Northern hemisphere when it is not much fun working outside!

For more information about what is needed for shibori please look at my blog “7 Helpful Hints for Shibori Sewing”


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