Shibori PDF Pattern – How to Make a Shibori Sea Urchin


A downloadable PDF pattern which will enable you to create this stunning sea urchin design in shibori stitch resist techniques. This pattern is suitable for an intermediate level of skill at shibori. Or for someone who is a reasonably skilled embroiderer or quilter will have little difficulty. Not for a complete beginner to hand sewing. PLEASE NOTE: This pattern will require dyeing after completion of the sewing to achieve the design shown.

Annabel shares her skill of creating beautifully drawn shapes and designs from the natural world for you to copy and make yourself in shibori stitch resist. Apply this sea urchin design to clothing, cushions or bags to create something that is uniquely yours, in your favourite colours.

The pattern provides an outline for you to trace on to your fabric. It describes step by step how to hand sew this design. There is also a detailed description of the order of stitching and the order of gathering up of stitches. This helps make the whole process easier for you. The pattern also suggests methods of dyeing if you have done little or no dyeing before.

The sea urchin pattern provides information on all the equipment you will need to successfully complete it. The equipment required is very easy to source much can be found in any sewing basket or sewing kit. Needles, threads, a few beads and an old ball of thick wool or cotton is the basic requirement. Annabel’s Youtube channel Townhill Studio provides further detail of how to create with shibori stitch resist. Annabel’s blog is also full of useful information.

If you would like more help in making this pattern you may want to join Annabel’s online shibori course “Create a Collection of Flowers in Shibori Stitch Resist”. The course introduces you to the simplest stitches and gives a great grounding in shibori technique. Have a look at the details of the course.

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