Be Motivated to Visible Mend with Shibori Patterned Fabrics

Image of shibori mended scarf

I want to share these designs and ideas about how to visible mend with shibori patterned fabrics. Today is the day!

The piece I am going to share with you is a shibori scarf that was originally made from some vintage linen. The scarf was dyed with indigo using a very bold mokume pattern. As the fabric was slightly thin in places so I decided to embellish and strengthen it with shibori patterned fabrics.

Original linen scarf without mending
The original piece of indigo dyed vintage linen

Step 1 Select your patches

Firstly, I selected two small pieces of shibori to use as patches.  Some of my other blogs show how to create them. The first piece was made by dropping indigo into the shibori with a pipette and the other by guntai shibori stitch. I also show you here a sample of guntai stitch and how it is created.

Step 2 Pin and Tack your Patches in Place

Next, I pinned the pieces to the scarf and tacked them in place. I folded the patches in along the edge that bordered the scarf. But the other edges I kept raw.

Step 3 Stitch and Create Beautiful patterns

Following that I started the sewing close to the shibori design. Working like this allows the shibori design to inspire stitch direction. I follow the shape and use the curves and lines to dictate my embroidery stitches. In these pieces I have used simple running stitches plus a small amount of seed stitch to embellish.

Seed pod shibori patch sewn to the scarf

You can see that I used different colour threads but all matching in shades of cream, dark grey and different blues. Building up the stitching concentrically and changing direction to add interest and texture.

Guntai shibori patch applied to the scarf

Finally as it is a scarf it was important to keep the reverse of the stitching very neat too.

reverse of shibori patch

I encourage you to visible mend with shibori, hoping this example of mine gives you ideas and inspires you next time you come to do some visible mending.

“Thank you very much, I love your patterns. Your work inspires me to experiment. 

Thank you for this opportunity. “

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