The Red Dress: Global Embroidery Project

An image of the whole of The Red Dress
The Complete Red Dress

Let me tell you about my visit to see The Red Dress Project at Ace Arts Somerton in Somerset. There are only two more days to see it there. Afterwards it is travelling to Wales and London in 2022 and to the USA and Canada in 2023/ 2024. That gives you quite a lot of notice to find out all about it and get to see it. It is a wonderful experience. Consequently, I have listed at the bottom where you may be able to see The Red Dress.

All the information is on the website.

Additionally there is also a fascinating and moving video of the Red Dress Project via Vimeo. You can watch this and understand the extent of the project and the huge importance it has been to many women around the world.

On Holocaust Memorial Day it seems very appropriate to have gone to see this collaborative, life enhancing and enriching project. Above all I feel so lucky to live close to Somerset. This is where The Red Dress Project was conceived by British artist Kirstie Macleod, who still lives here. The Project has provided an artistic platform for women around the world, many of whom are marginalized and live in poverty, to tell their personal stories through embroidery.

As a result I want to share some of the details of The Red Dress Project that jumped out for me.

The Red Dress Project Details

Embroidery detail

Moreover if there is a favourite piece, it is this Australian work, above. It is fascinating to see the hot Australian landscape juxtaposed with the snowdrops! To clarify, I love it because it is pictorial. In my shibori work and embroidery I do enjoy creating images and pictures.

Small figures embroidery detail

List of Where The Red Dress Project will Appear Next

5th – 26th March 2022
10am – 5pm National Waterfront Museum, Wales, UK.

1st April – 30th August 2022
11am – 6pm Fashion and Textiles Museum with Royal School of Needlework, London, UK.

Nov – March 2022/2023 Bogotá, Columbia.

April – Aug 2023 Vermont, USA.

Sept – Jan 2023/2024 Pittsburgh, USA.

Jan – June 2024 Vancouver, Canada

Feb – May 2024 Fuller Craft Museum, Boston Massachusetts, USA

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