A Sunny Shibori Workshop Exploring Stitch Resist Geometric Patterns

shibori workshop in the garden

Beautiful weather, beautiful work on my latest shibori stitching workshop at Artisan Community Art Studio in Bournemouth this weekend. It is always interesting to see what particular aspect of shibori grabs people and this time it was definitely an interest in exploring stitch resist geometric patterns; circles and diamonds particularly. 6 very enthusiastic participants came along for the day; Sarah, Mary, Doris, Chris, Sara, and Gaby.

3 Main Themes


I quite often suggest making a sampler as a first piece on a workshop and everyone this time really took that to heart and made some lovely pieces incorporating the 5 main stitch techniques I like to introduce on a one day workshop. Here is the washing line with some great samplers pinned out to dry. We see examples of ori nui, ne maki, maki-age, miru and mokume shibori.

4 shibori samplers
A predominance of stitch resist geometric patterns on these samplers.

Diamond Stitch Resist Geometric Patterns

Mary and Gaby both loved the idea of creating a diamond in miru shibori and worked on this design on a 50 x 50 cm piece of fabric. But they both approached it differently, Gaby wanted to be very precise and measured and Mary enjoying allowing the stitch pattern  to differ, here I show the stitching and the finished pieces.

Circles and Lines

Sara’s very interesting piece illustrated here show the use of circle motifs in different arrangements.

Here Chris worked with Mokume shibori, lots of rows of stitching where she varied the spacing between rows and some rows less tightly gathered. A beautiful piece.

I think everyone had a very good day and went home very satisfied with the lovely pieces created.

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