The secret of using colour in the home: let these interior designers inspire you.

indigo shibori lampshade

There sometimes seems an absolute absence of colour in many interior design schemes I see. As I make colourful and bold lamps and lampshades I am always pleased when I see exciting use of colour in interior designer’s schemes.

Neutrals are great and easy to live with but adding just a splash of colour can bring the whole scheme alive. I have been searching around for some interior designers who are not afraid of using elements of bold colour alongside some pattern.

5 Colourful Schemes

1. Tom Bartlett of Waldo Works

Here there is a great use of pattern and bold elements of strong colour.

2. Charlotte Crosland

Charlotte Crosland Notting+Hill+House
Notting Hill House by Charlotte Crosland

Gorgeous deep colours to walls and furniture with vibrant colour to complement it.

3. Douglas Mackie

Douglas Mackie Provence House
Provence House by Douglas Mackie

Just love this wonderful magenta pink, so bold against the rich mauve sofa.

4. Mark Smith of Smith Creative

Smith Creative Hoxton House
Hoxton House by Mark Smith Creative

Vibrant limes contrasting with a strong deep green, a very enlivening colour scheme.

5. Hugh Leslie

Hugh Leslie Kensington Town House
Kensington Town House by Hugh Leslie

I always love this combination of orange, golds and blue. A little like a Turner painting!

I hope some of these design schemes inspire you to use colour boldly in your home.

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