How to make a subtle sophisticated silk scarf in a diamond design

itajime scarf

I thought I would share with you the steps to make this very easy folded and clamped design scarf.

4 Simple Steps

1. Purchase a silk scarf

I started with a ready-made and hemmed silk infinity scarf from Dharma Trading size 185 x 27cm / 72” x 11”.

2. Folding the Scarf

I dampened the silk and folded in half along the length then folded again into 7 equal squares and made sure I creased it well then opened it out again and folded it concertina wise into 14 equal triangles using the lines of folds to keep the size of triangle regular and reasonably consistent. Here are my notes as I recorded them during the process.

how to fold and clamp a shibori design

3. Clamping the scarf

I then clamped the triangle of fabric with two 18mm / ¾” softwood sections quite close to the long fold.

Folded and clamped fabric scarf

4. Dyeing the scarf

I had previously mordanted the silk scarf so to prepare it for dyeing with natural dyes. I dyed it using Alkanet root 100% dyestuff to dry weight of silk fabric. The chips of alkanet were soaked for 5 days previously, boiled up to extract the colour then the folded silk scarf was added to the dyebath. This was heated up to 80 degrees C / 180 F and then kept at that temperature for 45 minutes.

dyeing with alkanet root

It is such a simple process and you get such lovely results.

simple itajime design

I may over dye it with another colour and pattern but as I often say simple is best.

I am running a number of workshops in Dorset in 2017 enabling you to use natural dyes and create your own lovely silk scarves.

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