How to make a simple silky striped scarf step by step

shibori stitch resist scarf (1)

I love using natural dyes and seeing the beautiful colours produced, this one is a very subtle and sophisticated colour. I made this very easy stitched resist design scarf using shibori stitch resist and alkanet root dye.

Here’s how to make one yourself.

Start with a ready-made silk infinity scarf from Dharma Trading size 185 x 27cm / 72” x 11”.


I laid the scarf down so I was working through two layers of the silk. I drew 6 lines at irregular intervals across the width of the scarf. Along each of these lines I had drawn I stitched rows of running stitches in groups of 3, 4 or 5 rows parallel to each other creating a mokume pattern across the scarf. You will notice the small tags at the beginning of the rows of stitching, here’s more information on shibori stitching. You can also look at a video of how to create with shibori.

This was about 2 hours of stitching to make this design.

shibori stitch resist scarf (2)

The stitching is then gathered up, each individual row of stitches at a time and pulled up tight before dyeing.


I had previously mordanted the silk scarf so to prepare it for dyeing with natural dyes. I dyed it using Alkanet root 100% dyestuff to dry weight of silk fabric. The chips of alkanet were soaked for 5 days previously, boiled up to extract the colour and then the liquid was drained off. Then the silk scarf was added to this resulting liquid. This was heated up to 80 degrees C / 180 F and then kept at that temperature for 45 minutes.

dyeing with alkanet root

The Finished Scarf

The stitching was undone to reveal this simple pattern.

shibori stitch resist scarf (3)

It is such an easy process and you get such lovely results.

I may over dye it with another colour and pattern but sometimes as I often say simple is best.

Here I am wearing it with even more stripes!

wearing the silk scarf

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