The latest on enhancing silk scarves with shibori and plant dyes

naturally dyed shibori silk scarves

Today I am updating you with the next instalment on my work with creating natural dyed shibori scarves

This previous blog described my initial adventures with dyeing silk with natural dyes; onion skins, and madder. Some itajime and some stitch resist shibori. This is just the first step in developing new designs for a range of silk scarves. Here I have overdyed 3 of the original designs with logwood dye chips.

3 Clamp Resist Patterns

There are 3 clamp resist pieces here, using a circle, square and small sticks, simple patterns to create but I always think simple is often best and most effective.

1. Lolly stick clamps

Onion skin dyed scarf is folded and 6 pairs of sticks are tied at each end to block the dye. This is dyed with logwood creating a brown over the gold. The original mokume stripes are visible as a mauve pattern. I think next time I will make that original stitched stripe thicker and bolder!

2. Circles

clamped shibori over maki age

Original maki age stitch resist circles are folded and clamped with a large circle to create this pleasing pattern. Madder was the original colour overdyed with logwood making a subtle mauve grey.

3. Diamonds

itajime pattern

Here the original design dyed with onion skin has been reclamped with a small square shape but it is placed offset to create gold, cream, mauve and brown in the final design.

This is just an introduction to the many patterns that can be made. During 2017 I am running 3 workshops sharing my skills and ideas to enable others to create beautiful silk scarves.

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