Revealing inspiring ways to create with simple stitch resist

Some of the most wonderful designs in Shibori are created from the simple running stitch through two folds of fabric – it is called ori nui. It is simple to execute and when put together in lines, meandering or straight you can make some stunning work. Wandering through the internet I have come across these designs. I have credited the designer/makers wherever possible.

How to make the stitch

Here is the ori-nui stitch technique and how to execute it. Draw a line on the fabric, fold the fabric along that line and do a row of running stitches in double thread. You can see double thread has been used with a small cotton tag in the end to hold the thread securely in place. These stitches are then pulled up before dyeing creating a resist and then unpicked to reveal the pattern. Just simple straight rows of this stitch are pleasing!

4 inspirational examples

Example 1

Here the lines are sewn in regular wavy lines creating a lovely pattern across the fabric. (I am sorry can’t seem to find the person to credit on this one.)ori-nui-wavy-lines

Example 2

This example called “meandering streams” by Amelia found on Flickr. Here the wave pattern of stitches is much more irregular and makes a wonderful dynamic flowing textile.meandering-stream-by-apoolew2o-flickr

Example 3

This grass was created on a workshop I ran here in Dorset. It is such a delicate design beautifully light and airy. A single stem and then many single stitched lines radiating out from that point.

shibori grass in ori nui

Example 4

This shirt back was sewn and dyed by Kim Winter, 6 hours work of sewing! Ori-nui is a simple way of working but can also be time consuming but definitely worth it as can be seen here. Absolutely stunning. Here is her Etsy

These 4 pieces show the amazing versatility of using such a simple stitch and what can be achieved. They are particularly pleasing when dyed with indigo. And fibre reactive dyes can achieve some exciting effects and colours too.

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