Be Inspired to make your own stunning shibori quilt.

Detail of shibori quilt

Just a few weeks ago I received an email from someone in Australia telling me that she had used some of my download patterns in an indigo shibori quilt she was creating. And there were some photos too. I was so excited to see my patterns being used in this way. I had imagined my patterns could be used like this and it was heart-warming to see this quilt.

Here I will share images of this wonderful shibori quilt by Miranda Morfey.  Firstly, I will show the overall design. Then those details that were inspired by my blogs. And lastly those created using my download patterns. Miranda did have to scale down the size of the patterns to fit the 10inch squares of her shibori quilt. Something I will think about to make it easier for others to follow Miranda’s example.

You will see the “picture” patterns are interspersed with more geometric designs. Miranda created these after attending an indigo workshop in Bali with Shibori experts Alison and Shuji Yamazaki. What an inspiring course!

The Finished Quilt

Showing the whole quilt

Isn’t it fabulous? 56 x 10″ x 10″ shibori squares.

Quilt Squares Inspired by My Blogs

Miranda was inspired by this blog to create a number of her squares in her shibori quilt. There is the pattern inspired by William de Morgan’s tile designs. Of this design I am particularly fond. Next there is the leaf design which is a free download for signing up to my newsletter. Lastly here is a little sprig of leaves using maki-age shibori.

William de Morgan inspired pattern
shibori leaf
A sprig of leaves

Quilt Squares from My Download Patterns

For example here is a carefully sewn eucalyptus flower in indigo dye. Really beautifully executed. This download pattern is available from my shop. The pattern gives clear details and step by step instructions to create this pattern.

shibori eucalyptus design

Next we have the helenium flower pattern. I know I designed it but I do think it is a successful and pleasing pattern! And it is just great dyed in indigo.

Helenium flower design

And finally the conch shell design in shibori stitch resist. Another download pattern available from my website.

shibori conch shell design

I do love your patterns, they are beautifully designed and your instructions are so clear.

In conclusion I am hoping that seeing Miranda’s shibori quilt you may be inspired to venture to undertake a large scale shibori project. It motivates me to look at creating something on a bigger scale.

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