The Inside Story on a Summer Shibori Weekend Workshop

workshop shibori stitch resist designs
A display of many of the pieces made in both madder and indigo dye.

Let me tell you about my recent shibori workshop with madder and indigo dye, down at the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Centre at Kingcombe. It was a rainy weekend but that didn’t deter the 9 keen, creative people gathered for the two and a half days. Fabulous and inspiring work was completed and I am just picking out a few of the brilliant shibori design ideas to tell you about to excite and impress you! And hopefully inspire you too.

To start I introduced everyone to the main techniques of Shibori: ori-nui, ne-maki, miru, maki-age and mokume shibori. I helped them to understand the best ways to work and achieve these patterns. And hopefully was able to assist in all their ideas and projects. We had a beautiful setting, that always adds something, despite the rain!

Three Stunning Stitch Resist Designs

1.  Another amazing ammonite

This shibori design created by Janine as her final piece involves a number of different stitches, ori nui, guntai shibori, mokume, and maki age are the principle stitches used to make this fabulous design. It is just so effective, it definitely makes me want to sew another ammonite design!

2. Eight petalled flower

This beautiful 8 petalled flower is based on a design pattern in Jane Callender’s “Stitched Shibori” book. Stitched and dyed by Jan it is a really pleasing design to make in shibori.

3. Glorious guntai shibori

This oh so impressive piece of work was made by Mandy using guntai shibori (those beautiful twisting ribbons) and edged with rows of maki-nui shibori, an overstitch on the fold.

A Small Selection of Other Work in Indigo Dye

3 more pieces to feast your eyes on. A convincing jellyfish by Nina, using ori-nui, mokume and ne-maki mainly. In the centre a striking five petalled flower by Hagar using maki-age shibori. At the right an energetic and vibrant panel by Lisa, using guntai, ori-nui, miru and ne-maki shibori techniques.

This round up shows you how many different ideas and images can be created in sophisticated tie dye. Follow my blog or sign up to my newsletter to be updated on new designs and how to create them. Or join a local indigo workshop or come along to one of mine. I hope by sharing some of this beautiful work it will be an inspiration for your creative projects in Shibori.

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