Feel more positive this winter with colourful home lighting

As we approach the darkest days of winter we all crave light and colour. Many interior images show homes flooded with summer light but us in the Northern hemisphere know there are many days when we need a bit of a glow in our homes to give us a boost. As a glowing log fire or an open fireplace makes us feel more comfortable, warm positive colours in lighting can have the same effect.


A great starting point for talking about using colour in lighting the home in winter is the artwork “The Upper Room” by Chris Ofili.

Be Inspired

I remember visiting the wonderful artwork The Upper Room consisting of 13 paintings by Chris Ofili at Victoria Miro gallery a number of years ago and noticing how individuals visiting the exhibition gravitated to certain pieces. You arrived into a dramatically lit oblong space with six gorgeous paintings on each side and a larger gold one at the end. The walls, the ceiling, and the floor were clad in walnut veneer, which gave off an aromatic scent. Each piece was a principle dominant colour, orange, green, gold, yellow but permeated by many other colours in the lushly decorative backgrounds and coated in clear resin. Spotlights on each painting spilled pools of reflected colour on the floor.

Photo credit Victoria Miro Gallery

I spent some hours there watching how each person was attracted to different colours and they then selected to stand in front of one or two selected colour paintings for some time.  Almost appearing to choose to bathe in a particular colour.

The work is now owned by The Tate Gallery and when it is exhibited again you must see it.

Having glowing colour in your home can be very nurturing and can brighten the spirits on cold and bleak days. Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths and is a form of energy that can be used to heal. This light energy affects all living cells and used in the right way these different frequencies of light, i.e. colour, can have a profound and healing effect on our feelings of wellbeing.

Think about what colours make you feel positive and introduce them into your home through the simple way of using glowing colourful lamps or lampshades.

Take action

Strategically placed colourful light fixtures or lampshades will make us feel more positive through the winter months.


Considering the Upper Room artwork let it inspire you to use more colour when you come to select lamps and lampshades for your home.

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