What Everybody Ought to Know About Creating Shibori on Nuno Felt.

shibori on nuno felt

I held an inspiring and creative weekend indigo workshop recently with a group of felt makers down in deepest Devon. I want to show you the shibori on nuno felt created. It is gorgeous!

It makes me want to get making some felt.

We started the first day with making a number of small samplers on cotton to get the hang of things. Then the enthusiastic felt makers worked on nuno felt scarves they had made themselves.

Working with felt is clearly different to sewing on cotton; it is thicker, the structure is looser. I advised using a normal weight polyester Gutermann thread which I found worked best with my experiments on prefelt. All the designs are dyed with indigo.

I have selected just four of the pieces made to show you, there were many more great creations.

Please look at my blog with general helpful hints for shibori work or my video.

4 Shibori on Nuno Felt Designs

1. Ali’s amazing scarf

A miru shibori circle is at the centre of this design with rows of ori nui stitching radiating out plus a few beads tied in to create additional texture.

2. Julie’s stitch sampler

Here Julie used her piece of nuno felt to experiment with a variety of shibori stitch.

Shibori on nuno felt by Julie

Here below shows the lovely bit of mokume with varied stitch lengths in the middle of the piece.

This sample below shows the different patterns created with small or long stitches.

3. Belinda’s leaf covered scarf

Again a miru shibori circle is at the centre of the design with leaves scattered along the length. These were simply created by sewing around the leaf shape through two layers of felt and a line of stitches along the spine of the leaf. Simple and effective!

4. Julia’s striking shawl

This amazing shawl was created with a wide band of ori nui stitching along both edges and infilling with lovely little guntai shibori leaf shapes.

guntai shibori on felt

If you are a felter I hope this inspires and persuades you to have a go with shibori on nuno felt and see what you can achieve.

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