Creating the Perfect Warm Environment to Counter Winter

Winter is fast approaching. The change of seasons will see colours transitioning from the bright red, gold, and orange hues of autumn to the dreary monotonous whites and greys of the colder months.

In a previous article here on Townhill Studio, we talked about how colourful home lighting can bring a touch of warmth to your home. This article provides suggestions on other strategies you can use to create a lovely and warm environment in your house.

Add cosy textures and prints

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The Spruce discussed how adding textured fabrics can add a cosy touch to any home. This is particularly true if you use heavy textures, such as knitted materials, because they will help create a warm, homely feel in any room. You can do this by covering your floors with fluffy rugs and layering beds with comforters and blankets. Rugs and carpets don’t have to just serve a decorative purpose; they can also help keep heat from escaping your home through your floorboards.

The article also suggested adding touches of plaid colours in your decors, which are festive enough without being too focused on a specific holiday. It also talked about how metals such as copper, brass, and bronze, can help make a room feel warm and cosy.

Use hues and materials that exude warmth

glowing candles
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Leesa discussed colour theories in one of its blog posts, saying how hues such as red, yellow, and orange can help energise people, which may prove valuable during dreary winter days. If you’re not comfortable painting an entire room with one of these colours, the next best thing is to use items bearing these colours as accents to quickly brighten up specific spaces.

Use floral accents

floral pillows
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Flowers are not only pretty; they can also bring to mind the warmth of spring and summer. You can add floral accents to your home, such as printed pillowcases, to bring back the vibrancy of summer.

Bring out your books

beautiful leather books
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Books add a homely touch to rooms. Best of all, they can actually be used to help keep the heat in. The Conversation even claim that books makes for good insulators. Get some bookshelves to serve as storage spaces for your books and they can turn your office into a good ol’ fashion study.

Include leather or wood

image credit Pexels

Elle Décor suggests using leather to help warm up rooms. While too much leather can be too overwhelming, the article suggests using just one leather item for a minimalist touch.

Meanwhile, Architectural Digest suggests incorporating wood for that relaxing, relaxed vibe.

Hope these great ideas help you create a warm and cosy interior this winter.


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