Create a simple Shibori circle pattern scarf in linen fabric

folded linen shibori scarves

Let me show you how to create a circle pattern scarf in shibori. This is a design I love. I like wearing infinity scarves and make a lot of them in lovely bright colours.

Let me share with you how I make this simple and effective pattern.

Step by step

1. Fabric

You will need a piece of vintage linen 20 x 128cms fabric ready for dying for your circle pattern scarf.

2. Draw the design

how to make the circles for shibori scarf

Find a circular object approx 5.5cms/ 2 ¼” in diameter. Fold in half and place the first circle on that centre line. Mark with water-based fabric marker. Then measure 177cms/ 7” from the centre line of the circle to the centre of the next circle and so on. Draw around this object spacing the circles as given. Until you have 7 circles.

3. Sewing Your Circle Pattern Scarf

For general information about shibori sewing look at this blog. Using a double thread stitch neat running stitches around each circle, leaving the long threads for pulling up.

Gather the circles up one by one pulling the thread tightly and tie up. Then bind the gathered fabric with a thick thread, start at the bottom, knotting the thread to ensure it does not slip. Next start binding the thread, each time around make sure the thread is close to the previous round of thread to ensure you keep out the dye.

Completed shibori stitching
All 7 circles for the circle pattern scarf stitched and bound

4. Dyeing

Dye the linen scarf with either a natural dye or a procion or Rit dye. The amount of dye stuff always depends on the dry weight of fabric. Weigh the dry fabric before wetting and dyeing.

5. Making up the scarf

Trim the width to 18cms creating a lovely straight line to make it easy to hem. Sew the short seam to make it into an infinity scarf with a French seam. See this Youtube video on how to make a French seam. This creates a smooth hidden seam which looks good. Next is to hem the long edges of the scarf all the way around. Create a small and narrow hem as possible. Fold in once to the wrong side and then again, stitch with a sewing machine.

You have your scarf!

wearing a linen shibori scarf
Here I am wearing the circle pattern scarf, this one is dyed with madder root

Another blog that shows this technique in silk can be found here.

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