“My new light arrived today, Love it ,love it.”

 How to order a bespoke lamp or shade

Townhill Studio’s Annabel Wilson will create a bespoke lampshade in special colours and shibori designs to match your interior decor, curtain pattern or wallpaper. It can be made to the perfect size and shape for your room. Initially make contact with Annabel and the majority can be done by email, text and post.

The complete shade or lamp will either be delivered by courier or if in the South West perhaps in person! As a guide costs per lamp or lampshade will vary from £200 to £600 dependent on size and shape and how detailed the design is.

Annabel explains the process of creating a custom made design

From a piece of your fabric I will translate some of the motifs into a shibori design. Next I will create a colour sample for your approval that complements your existing fabrics and interior decor.

What I will need From you:

  1. I will need a sample of fabric or paint to match colours.
  2. Also a photo of the room. Some dimensions are useful too.
  3. Once you have agreed the quote I will need a 30% deposit.

What i will do :

  1. I will send you design proposals with a choice of suggestions.
  2. You will get some fabric colour samples for you to make a final selection. 
  3. I will proceed to make up the fabric and dye it to match your decor.
  4. I will give you a timescale for completion.

Example of a Bespoke lampshade Commission

Here is an example of a commission and how the design was achieved. Taking the client’s new curtain fabric by Laura Ashley I select some design elements to use in the design of a 24cms deep x 18″ diameter lampshade.

These are a leaf and small bud design seen on the fabric and then translate them into shibori stitch work. I make a drawing of the proposed shade and chose to dye it the soft pink shade colour matching the original fabric, madder root dye is perfect to create that colour.

I make a presentation to the client at this stage with drawings and colour samples to obtain approval. Then I commence the creating of the shade.

The completed drum lampshade
The completed drum lampshade

“Just been sitting with all the other lights off DELIGHTING in your, now my, beautiful light “sculptures” I really love them”. Stevie

Some More Examples of Bespoke lampshades

A small bespoke lamp with matching colour cushions

“The lampshade lifts the heart this grey and sullen weather! A beautiful thing sitting quietly in the corner suddenly lighting up the gloom.” Mary

A shade for a floor lamp.
A large madder dyed drum shade designed to reflect motifs found in the curtains
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