Bespoke Lampshade Commissions

 How to order a bespoke lamp or shade

Townhill Studio will create a bespoke lampshade in special colours and shibori designs to match your interior decor, curtain pattern or wallpaper. Or you can see previous commissions and designs that you like on my Gallery page.

The lampshade can be made to the perfect size, shape and colour for your existing lamp base and room. Initially make contact with Annabel and the majority can be done by email, text and post.

The complete shade or lamp will either be delivered by courier or if in the South West perhaps in person! As a guide costs per lamp or lampshade will vary from £130 for a small table lamp shade to £600 for a large drum shade. Costs are dependent on size and shape and how detailed the design is.

“My new light arrived today, Love it ,love it.”

Let’s Explain the Process of Commissioning a Bespoke lampshade

I will create a colour sample for your approval that complements your existing fabrics and interior décor. If you wish the pattern to reflect your fabrics or curtains I will translate some of the motifs into a shibori design. Look at the following examples to get some inspiration.

some Examples of Bespoke lampshade Commissions

Hallway Lampshade

Let me show you an example of designing a new lampshade for an existing lamp base. This beautiful pottery base was the starting point for the design of the shade. I wanted to reflect the shapes of the flowers that swirled around the base but to make them more abstract. I chose an empire style shade which sits well on the curvy lamp base.

After approval of colour swatches and design by the client the pattern is drawn on the fabric. Then each shape is carefully stitched, gathered up to resist the dye and then dyed.

“Just been sitting with all the other lights off DELIGHTING in your, now my, beautiful light “sculptures” I really love them”. Stevie

Floor Lampshade

For this commission the client had purchased a lovely floor lamp base but the shade itself was very utilitarian! Looking around the room I espied the stunning carpet design and used this to inspire my lampshade design. I produced a series of samples explaining the stitching and motifs I planned to utilise. The design was translated from a scale drawing to the fabric then lovingly handstitched, dyed and finally sent to professional lampshade makers to line and finish.

“The lampshade lifts the heart this grey and sullen weather! A beautiful thing sitting quietly in the corner suddenly lighting up the gloom.” Mary

The completed shibori pattern drum lampshade

An Outline of The Process For You

What I Will Need From You:

  1. I will need a sample of fabric or paint or image to match colours.
  2. Also a photo or two of the lampshade base or the room with dimensions.
  3. I will send a rough sketch design or two for approval plus a costing
  4. Once you have agreed the quote I will need a 30% deposit.

What I Will Do :

  1. I will work up the design for final approval
  2. You will make 2 or 3 fabric colour samples for you to make a final selection. 
  3. When this meets with your approval I will proceed to make up the fabric and dye it to match your décor.
  4. I will give you a timescale for completion.
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