A Simple Shibori Christmas Star Pattern for You

Here is a simple design to create, a shibori Christmas star, using some of the most straightforward stitching. In this pattern we use miru shibori stitching. A design that is easy for a beginner to shibori to make.

White star design on blue background
Shibori Christmas Star

Let’s start

Choose a lovely soft cotton piece 30cm/12” square. Please look at my general blog “10 Helpful Hints for shibori sewing” about useful tips for shibori sewing before you get going. Also you can find helpful information on my YouTube channel.

Save and print the design at 17cm or 6 ½” across. Additionally, if you are left-handed, it may be a good idea to print the pattern in reverse.

Pattern template for shibori star black lines on white background
Template for Christmas star

How To Make a Shibori Christmas Star Pattern Step by Step.

1.  Firstly, trace the pattern on to your fabric with a water-soluble fabric marker pen.

Blue star drawing on cream fabric

2. To clarify, the Christmas Star design is made up of five repeats of one stitch pattern. Each row and line of stitching is sewn in double thread and has a small tag inserted at the end to stop the thread pulling through. Most importantly, start all stitching from the centre of the star and work outwards.

3. Start with one segment of the star. Fold the fabric in half along the centre line of the first segment. Pin the fabric to hold it securely. Start the stitching from the centre, sew the outside line in simple running stitches. Sew through both layers of fabric with double thread and a small cotton “tag” knotted into the end of the thread. Next is to stitch 2 more rows through both layers of fabric starting at the centre again.

black stitching on cream fabric showing shibori stitching

4. In the same way repeat this stitching for the other 4 segments of the star.

5. In conclusion, once all the stitching is done each row of stitching needs to be pulled up. Ensure you pull all the way to the end of each row. It is a little fiddly!


After that, it is time to soak the fabric in water and then dye it.

If you did want to make a bigger star then you will need to increase the number of rows of stitching.

Hope you enjoy experimenting with star shapes and patterns. Do let me see what you do.

If you enjoy making this pattern you may like to sign up for my online course “Create A Collection of Flowers in Shibori Stitch Resist” This will give you many more patterns and ideas to follow with video instruction.

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