Discover 7 Successful Worldwide Shibori Projects from far and near

From the USA, Colombia, Canada, Belgium and the UK images of worldwide shibori work come flying into my inbox. I find that exciting to know my videos and blogs have inspired others to discover the wonderful world of shibori. I thought it would be special to share with you inspiring examples of work by close and far away friends who love shibori like I do.

The lovely pieces I am going to share have been inspired by my blog and guidance I have published. But these individuals have most definitely made stitch resist shibori their own.

1. Cushions from the USA

Shibori patterned cushions

These cushions created by Janet Metzger are inspired by my blogs which gives quite detailed instructions for these two designs. They look lovely in indigo.

2. Creatures from the Sea

shibori starfish design
a shibori turtle

A small starfish and a beautiful large turtle by Linda Lyon in the USA. That turtle is a particularly stunning piece of shibori!

3. Horse in the mist

shibori horse head

Esther Beckwith created this very original piece of work. A very magical looking horse. A subject I have never tackled. Inspiring!

4. Zia Heart Symbol

shibori zia heart symbol

This awesome piece was created by Kathy Dailey. It was made by folding the fabric in half but then I am unsure exactly how Kathy created it. Love the texture achieved at the centre of the heart!

I wanted to say, “Thank you” for your amazing website and your tutorials.

5. Delicate Fern

a shibori fern design

I have shared some of Christiane’s work before and she keeps me updated with her latest work. This is a beautiful example of the use of guntai shibori. Christiane is from Belgium.

6. Shibori Clothing

Turtles appear again here on a t-shirt along with some shibori patterned pants. Debbie Behrens shared these with me this July.

Just had to thank you for your wonderfully informative website-

7. A Simple Flower

a shibori flower design

Maria Elvira sent me this design from Colombia. This flower is a wonderful piece as it uses 4 different kinds of shibori stitch resist, miru, maki-age, ori-nui and guntai! All the stitches put together in an elegant shape.

Hope this round up of worldwide shibori has inspired you with some new ideas. Please do send me images of your shibori work to share with others on my blog.

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