7 inspiring lamps to light your home

 3 designer lamps

Here I have found 7 engaging and delightful lamps I want to share with you. Designing lamps and lampshades myself I am always on the lookout for other stunning and original lamps by other creators. Lamps made from many different materials; cement, plastic, steel and clay.

My list of 7 must have lamps

1. Perch Light by Umut Yamac

This stunning balancing sculptural light is made from paper, brass, and gold plated steel.
The lamp takes the form of an abstract bird which appears to be delicately balanced on its metal perch. The bird is illuminated through contact with the perch and this lets the bird balance and swing without any cables whilst maintaining luminance. A lovely piece of lighting as art. Where to find more information.

2. The Hyphae lamp by nervoussystem

The design is inspired by how veins form in leaves. But the process of making is absolutely up to the minute. Each lamp is a completely one-of-a-kind design 3D-printed in nylon plastic. The lamps cast dramatic branching shadows on the wall and ceiling. Each Hyphae lamp is individually created. Their Etsy shop.

3. Nest Lamp by Joa Herrenknecht

Lighting that brings its own shadows made from a laser-cut steel cylinder that projects both pattern and light. Illuminated from inside, the lamp reflects its delicate pattern on the floor and the surrounding space, creating an interesting shadow effect between inside and outside. More information.

4. Two for Joy by A Northern Light

This beautiful lamp is decorated with an illustration by Claire owner of A Northern Light. Then made into a free standing lamp with cable and switch. This particular Illustration shows two magpies set against branches, oak leaves and acorns. There are many other great designs on her website.

5. Contemporary lamp by Lock lamp

This elegant contemporary table lamp is made from sturdy galvanised steel sheet polished to a brushed finish. Two layers of clear polymer sheets allow you to add your own artwork or textured paper as shown. More information.

6. Feathers table lamp by Hannah Nunn

An example of the range of Hannah Nunn’s stunning laser cut paper lamps sold on line and at her lovely shop in Hebdon Bridge called Radiance. She also makes some lovely grass and flower filled wallpapers.

7. Naked urchin lamp by Amy Cooper

amy-cooper-urchin-lampThese wonderful small and glowing ceramic lamps by Amy would add a special feature in any home interior. There is a whole collection in her Etsy shop, quite difficult to make a choice!

I hope this lovely collection by these talented designers and makers inspires you to add something a little different and original to your home lighting. I will be on the look out for more!

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