5 Superb Shibori Design Ideas from the Latest Workshop

shibori design ideas by the Froome

Let me tell you about my latest workshop, wonderful and inspiring work was completed and I am just picking out 5 of the shibori design ideas to tell you about to excite and impress you! And hopefully inspire you too. This workshop took place on a Sunday in April at Frampton Village Hall here in Dorset with 10 creative, imaginative and keen individuals from Dorset International Feltmakers Association.

As usual I introduced everyone to the main techniques of Shibori: ori-nui, ne-maki, miru, maki-age and mokume shibori. I helped them to understand the best ways to work and achieve these patterns. And was on hand to guide and assist in all their ideas and projects. We had a beautiful setting and warm weather for the workshop. That always adds something!

5 Varied Shibori Design Ideas

1.  Shibori Sampler

This is a great idea to do on a workshop to help you remember all the different ways of working. Here we have miru shibori, working on the fold of the fabric, different lines and stripes using ori nui stitching and some ne maki, that’s beads tied into the fabric.

2. Fab Maki-age Flower

This little flower is made by Clare mainly using maki age stitching, 4 individual areas of stitching as shown on the left and they are pulled up and bound with a thicker thread.

3. Shibori Stitches on Felt

As we had a group of felters we needed someone to start experimenting with shibori on some prefelt! And here we have it. It has led me to do some experiments of my own with shibori stitches on felt. The patterns achieved are a little bolder but have a charm all of their own.

4. Magic Moon Landscape

This lovely piece was made by Donna. The landscape was constructed from alternating rows of ori nui and maki nui stitches, most effective.

5. Majestic miru shibori design

majestic miru shibori flower

This wonderful pattern was made by Clare, created on the fold of the fabric. She carefully calculated the size of stitches radiating out from the centre to achieve the even segments. The contrasting “frilly” edge was constructed by varying the stitch lengths.

This round up shows you how many different shibori design ideas can be created in sophisticated tie dye. Follow my blog or sign up to my newsletter to be updated on new shibori design ideas and how to create them. Or join a local indigo workshop or come along to one of mine. I hope by sharing some of this beautiful work it will be an inspiration for your creative projects in Shibori.

My next workshop, a whole weekend, and working with madder root dye as well as indigo is at the Kingcombe Centre in August 2018. General information is on my workshop page of the website.

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