5 original pendant lights for a home you can be proud of

As a designer and maker of lamps and lampshades myself I am always so excited when I see original and inspiring designs by others. Here I want to share 5 stunning designs for pendant lampshades that I have found by other creative people around the world; from Spain, Wales, Italy, Israel and the USA.

They all have something in common in the way they allow the light to be filtered in interesting and attractive ways.  Perhaps creating patterns on the wall or making tones of colour or light within the lampshade itself.

Three are made from ceramics and two from softer materials woven wood and felt.

5 great pendant lights

  1. Pott is a young Spanish design company.  This hand crafted ceramic light collection, called SpongeOh, applies traditional pottery techniques and natural materials to contemporary lighting design. The ceramic pendant is pierced and what appears to be small glazed pieces are inserted and through this the light glows.ceramic pendant lights
  2. Louise Tucker has designed and made this fabulous collection from her studio in Wales. Inspired by traditional weaving techniques and organic forms, the PREN lighting range has been woven out of sustainably sourced specialist maple wood to draw in your attention and allow your eyes to explore the changing patterns.Lousie Tucker pendant light
  3. Judith Byberg a Scandinavian designer and architect based in Italy makes wonderful and colourful use of felt to make inspiring hanging lampshades. The colour varies in depth dependant on the thickness of felt used.Judith Byberg pendant felt light
  4. Rachel Nadler ceramics is based in Israel and produces a lovely range of lights. This chandelier lighting is created from hand made of slabs of porcelain. The subtle textures marked in the porcelain are enhanced when the light is on. Rachel Nadler ceramic light
  5. Lightexture a company based in the United States produces a fabulous collection of ceramic lights. The cut design produces lovely subtle shapes on the wall around the fitting.Lightexture pendant lamp


I hope this collection of 5 different pendants may inspire you in the lighting of your home. I would be happy to find house room for any of them!

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