5 Japanese Noren (door curtain) to inspire your shibori designs

Traditionally shibori has been used to create stunning indigo norens or door curtains. These are used at the entrance to a room or to a shop, café or other business. Using a door curtain provides pattern, light and interest at the point of entry to a space. They often depict images and shapes that have some symbolic meaning. The design is split in two across the two panels. Now many are made in different colours but indigo has to be the traditional colour to use. They are usually two panels but can be made up of three, four or five panels. Here are images showing them in use.

5 great examples of shibori constructed norens

The following 5 I have selected have some great ideas and give inspiration for constructing designs in stitch resist shibori. Some modern some more traditional.

  1. Firstly this brilliantly ingenious basket/wreath with fruit and flowers. These shapes have been mainly created using maki age shibori. I particularly love the basket handle all in maki age shapes. Each segment individually stitched around and bound up before dyeing. The fronds and leaves simple running stitches through a single fold – ori nui shibori.Vintage shibori noren
  2. The second design that caught my eye is this gourd and leaf design. Each gourd is stitched around the whole egg timer shape and then gathered up into two points and bound tightly. The leaves surrounds are made using the oversew stitch and veins using ori nui through a fold of fabric.vintage noren of gourds
  3. The third design is quite modern, blocks of diagonal lines made by close together lines of single stitching through one layer of fabric, but the lines of stitching placed far enough apart to leave the lines visible. A very effective design by Aboubakar Fofan.japanese noren by aboubakar-fofana
  4. Another very simple idea, a large moon or sun image devised from mokume (wood grain) shibori. Here the stitching lines are very close together so that the circle appears nearly completely white.contemporary noren of moon image
  5. The fifth noren is quite charming, definitely my favourite design. The dragonflies creating a ripple effect on water. Lots of the blue indigo remains. The dragonfly wings created from maki age shibori again, the body from karamatsu fold of fabric with just two rows of stitching and the water shapes from single running stitches through a single fold of fabric.japanese noren of dragonflies

Hope you enjoyed these innovative shibori textile examples.

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