3 Amazing Ammonites to Create in Stitch Resist Shibori

2 shibori ammonites

Stitch resist shibori lends itself to making natural forms and patterns and particularly to these ammonite shapes. Today I am going to show you 3 different ammonite designs that you may like to make. Two I have created and one that was made on a recent workshop. Different colours  dyed with indigo and fibre reactive dyes.

Please look at my previous blog that outlines how to stitch shibori and gives lots of useful tips. How to prepare the fabric and what cotton to use. There is also my video which will give you more information.

It is important to draw the whole design before starting so that you achieve the correct shape and feel to your design. You can copy or trace my designs to help you achieve a pleasing pattern. Or find a suitable image online or in a book.

3 Stitch Resist Shibori Ammonites

1. Indigo ammonite

indigo shibori ammonite (3)

This ammonite is created from 5 blocks of maki-age shibori, that is where the area is stitched around with a double thread and gathered up and bound. There are two blocks of mokume shibori which is many rows of parallel stitching. Each row of stitching is ½ cm or ¼ “apart. The rows are curved and run parallel with the outside edge of the ammonite. From a small bead tied at the very centre I stitched a single row of running stitch from this following the line of the curve. You can see my blue pencil line in the photo.

All the stitches are pulled up tightly and tied off at the end and then dyed.

2. Teal ammonite

This ammonite was created by Wendy on a recent workshop. Only some of the stitching is illustrated in the photo. The mokume stitching as described for the indigo ammonite is shown. Plus a row of single stitching creating the lovely central curve. The design is stitched all the way around with a running stitch. At the top 4 short rows of stitching are made by pinching along each line and stitching through two layers of fabric, that is ori nui shibori. A small area of maki age shibori and a large bead is bound in at the bottom within the outline of the fossil.

shibori ammonite teal stitching

All the stitching was pulled up and the fabric dyed.

3. Gold ammonite

shibori ammonite gold (1)

This design is made in a similar way to the indigo ammonite. But with 3 blocks of maki-age shibori and 3 blocks of mokume stitching. There is another patch of 3 rows of stitching parallel to each other. Plus a mixture of ori nui and maki-nui rows shown clearly in the photographs. And finally I sewed some beads in.

Then the fabric was all gathered up ready for dyeing.

I think this stitching would have been more successful dyeing with indigo!

I do hope this collection of ammonite designs inspires you to have a go creating your own shibori fabrics and patterns. I am still developing and trying different combinations of stitches to create an ammonite. I am not completely content with my designs!

I suggest trying the teal ammonite first, it is a more simple but satisfying design to make. Good luck.

And I thought I would just show you a couple of other ammonite designs produced on some past workshops to inspire you.

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